OÜ AT Nobe 2022 a tire sales campaign that lasts all year round – until 31.12.2022

” Payless fitment of tyres with web prices” – read more “Action 2022.

The conditions are very serious and difficult: please take this seriously.

1. All persons, both private and business, who have purchased 4 passenger car, van, SUV or truck tires from us at retail prices can participate.
2. All answers are welceme … Why is that? Because I am not looking for a spontaneous and emotional answer to the answer! What i am looking for, then? I am looking for an answer that has been found in a serious working debate, where the last argument has been heard! It’s not easy. Thinking is work, and that work must be done with all seriousness.
3. The answer to the question must be written on an A4 sheet of paper and signed by all participants.
4. On the page, please indicate the total amount of alcohol drunk and “per nose” (- if used naturally.)
5. Answers will be here …
6. We will public all serious answers. For perls we add some bold … For diamonds we add balls also … Let the life be the judge …

Question: “What is a cunt?” (describe the cunt in your own words, how you see it)

For its part, OÜ AT Nobe puts it under his shoulder and makes a free installation of all 2022a tires purchased from us in the workshop of OÜ AT Nobe. This sentence does not apply to tires sold to cooperating dealers and ressellers. Nor does this offer extend to competing tire sales and service companies.

“The women`s stripe is bold and lazy,
Therefore she`s stupid, and also crazy.
The man has tools to fix that story,
The road begins with: “I am sorry”.


1. Bjornar (Norway) “Cunt is money”

2. Just a customer: Cunt is a waiter in a madhouse, sometimes he gives, sometimes she takes but money collects all the time!

3. Artur Taivere: “Estonian man is a cunt”

4. Ira (Russia, Tver): “Cunt is a splinter”