Hi, you may ask : “What is this :”5 diamonds”? ”

The answer is here:  Each self-respecting company in world should have 5 things: “Moto, visioon, challenge, strategy and philosophy.” Actually the sixths is mistake – but that is optional.  AT first page of companies internet site – no second, no third …
Our 5 diamonds are all on first page – but in estonian language. I will write translation here and write it  a bitt wider …

AT Nobe OÜ

1. Moto: “AT Nobe is the place where pays: gods are laughing, women are smirks and man give a head.”

2.Visioon: “If to perseverance we could add energy and brain we may get competent professionality.”

3. Challange: ” AT Nobe is the place where we try to do human from a woman.” – we know it is hard, but we also know how hard we are. At this point, we are harder than most hardest and therefore we believe that we can achieve that goal.

4.Strategy: ” Moving the mountains, breaking the damms you are helping the streams. Water has to flow  – because water is  life.” – its about equality. Try to get the point by yourself.

5.Philosophy: “If 7 billion disorders meet 1 order – then with disorder is finito”. “Softness are putted on the place by the stick of stiffness.” – it is about power of mind …

Artur from AT Nobe – “Tires and service with respect and honer.”