There wasn`t moon in nighty sky – the wolf was tired, wounded, shy
In mind he sharpened his soul, the wound that cut his tongue was cold.
He kept quiet, “Where is the lynx? Where is bear?
Who should here feel the fear? And which tommorow use a gear?

A black stallion walked by, it wasn’t bitch – he didnt cry.
The wolf then asked, “What are you doing?” – “I’ll break a damm – for your mind cluing
” But you are light and you slow? “-” I’ve broken the fence a long time ago.
“”Shouldn`t we to make some plans? “-” Looks like you have lived in glanse!

Tiger came just out of nowhere. -But both black didnt felt a fear .
Be tommorow close and tight, i will jump forceful fight.
When i tear, your add weight – or we lose the ball and faith.
All together we can fight, for this ball we bring the light.

“They had to rest before attack” – and knew that  …… * covers back.
They understood what life is for – and also who is number four.
This legend lives in our souls – we need to find: directions, goals.
Also see what have we done, and make a diffrence before we gone.

  • * – word from 6 letters