The light was looking at the Earth
And knew that planet under curse.
He tryed to speak with little mouse,
But get the answer from lions house.

The flight arround the ball was short
Because he found the wisdoms port.
It was in forest – deep and sad,
That grave was dirty, nasty, bad.

Light touched the plate with gentle – warmly,
Then miracle came out of – slowly.
The light explained what for he came,
And what is power real name:

“Define the right from wrong directions
And open minds with that errections
Help to find them shine and body
And then explain what for is study.
Create a circle to the sky
And dance some dance before you die.”

The miracle was weak and sleapy
And also dead long time ago,
But lightning power was so deapy,
That knolidge said: “The fast is slow”.

Mirage was looking for the snake – whos love is real, not a fake.
The anaconda showed her beauty – her eyes were like poisoned smooty …
Mirage explained to snake a map and then recieved a smily gap
And also homework was here given – it`s not forgot and not forgiven.

Anaconda looks in water
Tears drops before her eyes.
“Why that prison? Why that fire?
I am beauty and desire.
Why i have to dance with eagle
If he is weak from sides and middle!?”

Eagle looks at snake from sky:
“Something here soon will die”.
The king of wisdom knew from past
That anacondas stay and last.

The bird and snake in jail – for now,
But they escape – they know it, how.

This poetry like iron heavy,
When light comes in – be better ready!

In this illusion – gift and hint:
“Ahead is swamp and labyrinth”

When darkness meets the light and fire
The ball will gets some eyes desire.
When darkness meets with wisdom, balls
The winners gets all dancing halls.

The stake is higher than the sky
If you dont see – then hard to fly.
The darkness made us blind and weaky
But wisdoms power is so creapy.

An ordinary woman has as much sense as chicken, and an extraordinary woman has
as many as two” – Confucius

“If woman drinks from your eyes, you dont owe to her – she is already your owner.” – Black lightning

(There was a forest and a snake, and most of time she was a fake.
When sun goes down she ate a dire, when sun gous up – she lost a fear …)